Warren G -- Live In Victoria

Regullatoorrrsssssssssss MOUNT UP!

For the first time ever....
The Regulator & creator of the G Funk Era & Sound comes to the Capital City !


Live @ Element NightClub
Sunday June 6th 2010

Along with performances by:

Langdon Auger

The Pocket Kings


Degree One

Tickets ON SALE NOW at... 
The Strathcona Hotel (front desk - open 24hrs.), Platinum Lounge in Mayfair Mall, Lyle's Place - 770 Yates St., Higher Ground - 2514 Douglas St., Aspens in Hillside Mall and Status Barbershop - 1010 Yates St.

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Warren Griffin III (born November 10, 1970) better known by his stage name Warren G, is an American West Coast rapper and hip hop producer. He is Dr. Dre's step brother. His biggest hit to date was the single "Regulate" with Nate Dogg released in 1994. The Grammy nominated song reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 1990, Warren G formed the group 213 with Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg. In 1992, Warren G introduced the group to his brother Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre was impressed and signed Snoop Dogg to his and Suge Knight's record company, Death Row Records. Thus, 213 broke up for a while before releasing any group records, and the three artists pursued separate careers in the same style. Even though Death Row Records did not sign Warren G, his career began with some contributions to Dr. Dre's album The Chronic, released 1992. Warren G was a regular contributor to many Death Row albums.

In 1993, Warren G produced the track "Indo Smoke" featuring himself, Nate Dogg, and Mista Grimm. He also produced and rapped on Snoop Dogg's debut album Doggystyle.

Warren G's debut album Regulate... G Funk Era was released in 1994 on Def Jam. It was certified triple platinum in the United States and sold over 4.5 million units on soundscan worldwide. It featured the hit song "Regulate" featuring Nate Dogg, which samples Michael McDonald's classic hit, "I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)." The lead single "Regulate" was certified platinum and peaked out at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Also on that disc was "This D.J.," a popular, track and hit video on MTV, and also a chart hit, peaking at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and being certified gold.

He followed up with Take a Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality) in 1997, which took his mellow approach and brought it even further into the mainstream. Scoring a hit with a rap remake of "I Shot the Sheriff," which became another top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold, the album was a commercial success achieving platinum status.

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